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Where next for sustainability in fashion ?

How to be Sustainable this New Year !

A New Year means only one thing at Ragchop. London Fashion week is almost here. New ideas will fizz and sparkle and we will become embued with a fresh sense of purpose as the constellation of ideas light the way.

For some this will also be tainted with guilt as we know that Fashion retailers will react more quickly, to produce ever more quantities of ever cheaper garments, destined for landfill. There was always more money to be made selling chicken and chips than producing creative gourmet delights -and so it is in Fashion too.

Technology can help make the planet cleaner. It has been quite a long wait but it is heartening to see the new innovations coming into our store. Our Sustainable Edit is about to triple in size.

We are adding a bio-degradable wadding that is made from cellulose

Sustainable bio-degradable wadding made from Silk

Recycled knitted and woven interlinings made from plastic bottles (PET)

Viscose Linings that are FSC Accredited (Blog to follow)

Organic Cotton Linings 

We can enjoy fashion while respecting the planet's ecology and resources. This requires producing garments from only the best quality, sustainably sourced materials.

Better still, If our customers can keep wearing the clothes that we produce for many years -and even re-discover them, as the fashion cycle brings them back to life -then we are, in a meaningful way, reducing pollution and waste.