Loving Wool

Posted by Sarah Loughrey on

When Ragchop started out, one of the most exciting products on the website was the Faux Down wadding. 

It is so unbelieveably soft and luxurious and WARM.

Brands like Prada created a demand for such products by distancing themselves from the cruelty that dominates the sourcing of feathers. Goodness knows how many ducks and geese are saved from being plucked alive by this mastery in cosiness. 

Fast forward and lambswool and Camel wool have since been added to the range but the really exciting development is yet to come .... Ragchop are eagerly awaiting the launch of the forthcoming silk and wool blend waddings.

Surely that has to spell an end to down jackets and their sticky outy quills poking you in unexpected places ?

Another exciting development is a material that traps the air inside the compartments of your quilted garment creating loft and warmth while remaining fully breathable. 

A lofty idea indeed !