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The importance of Interlining

There was a time long, long ago, when Interlinings were thought of as 'that stuff' we iron on, to stabilise our fabric. Lightweight fabrics turned to cardboard as we ironed on the solution that turned our dreams to disappointment.

At some point technological breakthroughs in textiles came to the rescue (as if from design heaven) and brought special adhesive systems and fine yarn interlinings to the design houses of Paris and Milan. 

It started with Armani but more recent examples are the earlier years of Victoria Beckham and Roland Mouret. Perfect examples of the fully-fused garment, their signature peplum dresses could never have made it to a catwalk without the help of some very clever interlining. Those zip-backed dresses from Lanvin, Balmain's architectural delights, all created using interlinings.

Look now and every designer worth their pantone book is using interlinings like a wizard uses a magic wand.

We love these special, professional, fusibles because when we make something, we want it to look like it could stalk the front rows of Chanel, Chloe and Erdem -not hang about outside BHS.

So don't be shy, get your making hands on some serious professional interlinings... just like they do in Paris. See you on the Front Row ;-)