Phone Us on: 00 44 330 113 4261 Hello from Ragchop!

Hello from Ragchop!

Hello from Ragchop! We hope that we can inject some sustainable luxury into your creative world. 

All our products are sourced with love. We are obsessed with quality and passionate about sustainability. 

There was a time when it was impossible to source beautiful, sustainably made products but thankfully that is no longer the case.

We have linings and Interlinings made from recycled PET bottles. If that doesn't curl your toes, check out our waddings. Camel wool and lambswool waddings that will make you wonder why you even considered polyester.

For Polyester junkies we have recycled polyester waddings to ease your conscience while enveloping you in the softest faux-down wadding on the market.

We like to think of Ragchop as an introductory website to beautiful components worthy of your talent and time.

We want to make a difference in this throw away culture by encouraging the production of quality that doesn't leave a trail of pollution or harm. 

We would LOVE to see what you make with our products so please send pictures to and we'll feature them on our website/instagram and facebook page. 

We will be blogging about how our products can be used so please check back for regular updates. 

Happy 'chopping x